NetWeaving is all about creating trusted relationships by connecting people with someone whom they would benefit meeting


Providing people with valuable resources. 

NetWeaving is other-centered, while networking is self-centered.

Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver


Catherine Ryan Hyde

 Catherine Ryan Hyde 

 Author of Pay It Forward and more than 30 other novel

There’s a good reason why I’ve encouraged Bob, my longtime friend and colleague, to refer to NetWeaving as 'The business version of Pay It Forward.' Bob’s NetWeaving is the embodiment of my Pay It Forward idea, putting an act of good out into the world without expectation of return. Instead of looking to be paid back, NetWeaving asks its recipients to 'pay it forward' and do the same for someone else.

 Arthur Blank 

 Owner, Atlanta Falcons

Co-Founder, Home Depot 

After reading about NetWeaving, I realized that I've been doing this all my life, just without a word for it. I applaud Mr. Littell's efforts at spreading the word about this 'win-win' form of thinking, which will undoubtedly benefit the business community and the community at large.

 Daniel Pink

 New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author 

NetWeaving is an important and original concept with great application to many realms of business. Genuine NetWeavers are attuned to the needs and potential opportunities of others and that’s the key to being successful in today’s world.

 Bob Burg

 Author, The Go-Giver

My life - along with the lives of so many others - has been deeply touched by this wonderful teacher and practitioner.  Bob Littell IS NetWeaving.  Take this course and watch your business grow and your sense of personal fulfillment soar!

Jeffrey Gitomer

 Bestelling Author of The Little Red Book of Sales

My good friend Bob Littell is the only person I have ever met who totally gets networking.

Michael E. Moore

Co-Founder, Metro Atlanta Business Association

When I first met Bob over 15 years ago, NetWeaving was just a word. Now, after a lot of care and feeding, Bob has nurtured a concept embraced, in word and deed, throughout the country and the world by individuals who know there is much pleasure and comfort in "Paying It Forward." This concept is changing the world.

Judy Agerton

Executive Director External Affairs, AT&T

I'm amazed at the impact these principles [NetWeaving] have made in my life and that of others I have had an opportunity to touch. It has opened so many doors for me personally and professionally. I am actually in my ideal job as a result of helping others.

Billy Lovett

 Managing Principal, Brookwell Capital Group

I've known Bob for almost two decades and the two of us share the exact same philosophy about how to succeed in business, and in life. It all centers around first, building a wide and deep network of trusted relationships, and then finding ways to be of service to those within your network. The payback is just as amazing, without ever asking.

Dr. Randy Ross
Founder & CEO of Remarkable, keynote speaker and author of Remarkable! and Relationomics

In NetWeaving, Bob Littell has gotten the relational formula right. When you seek to create value for others, then you leave a positive wake in the world and the ripple effect is unimaginable. Try it and it very well may change the way you do business … and life!