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Bob LIttell, Chief NetWeaver

Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver, is the creator of the word and concept of NetWeaving, but as he is quick to point out, many of the most successful people in all fields and in all professions, who upon learning what NetWeaving is all about, react much the same:  I’ve been doing this my entire life.  I just never had a word for it.”

Bob created the NetWeaving concept almost two decades ago.  Just Google the word to see how it has spread around the globe.

He has made several hundred presentations to groups as large as several thousand, to smaller organizations as well as corporate groups who invite their best clients, customers, and referral sources to hear this message about being a 'connector' OF others, as well as being a 'valued resource provider' FOR others.

He maintains that NetWeaving - when done correctly -- is the most powerful tool there is for any individual or company to create a never-ending supply of referrals - and without ever having to ask for them.