Bob is an avid reader and has developed an extensive library of Don’t Need to Read the Book summaries, which are available. Although not now required, I would prefer you first complete the NetWeaver Diplomat course. Also these summaries have been written with author’s permission but with the understanding that they will not be sold.

Here is a sample paragraph from one of Bob’s book summaries:

REMARKABLE!” – Dr. Randy Ross & David Salyers (Foreword by S. Truett Cathy – Founder and CEO, Chick-fil-A). “I have always believed that a good name is more desirable than great riches.  While profits are important to any business, maintaining a strong sense of values and living out your convictions are imperative. . . .And while there is much discussion about the need to create a compelling corporate culture in the marketplace today, very few understand the dynamics at play and how to address them effectively.  Taking simple truths and placing them in a corporate parable, REMARKABLE! provides the reader with both an enjoyable format and transformational insights.”

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9.5 Principles of Innovative Service

Customer Service & Customer Experience

​​‘Royal’ book because it’s great book for the ‘throne room’ while you’re sitting and contemplating. It’s barely 100 pages and it’s written in storybook fashion with actual stories of how various companies have won loyal clients and customers by providing customer service which is not just outside the box, but way beyond that.

A Whole New Mind

Innovation & Creativity

​“Information Age”to the “Conceptual Age”

Adversaries Into Allies

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

​​You’ll learn how to influence and persuade others toward outcomes that create genuinely good feelings and results for everyone involved. The principles of how exactly to do that, consistently and predictably, are powerfully presented in this tremendous book.​

Contagious Why Things Catch On

Innovation & Creativity

​Social influence and especially word-of-mouth transmission is more persuasive than other online marketing since people have more trust when something is recommended by a friend.

Crucial Conversations


​This book provides a wealth of information on how to deal with ‘crucially important’ conversations when they all of a sudden turn ugly. It also gives great advice about how to recognize the signs that it is about to turn that way, and how to prevent it, before that happens.

Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

Prospecting and Sales

​​This book not only gives you the secrets of how to build a qualitynetwork –whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re wanting to expand yours in some new or different directions, it also provides many different real life stories and examples of how Harvey and others in his network, have done so.

Don’t Forget


​One of the best books ever written on ‘memory’ and how to remember everything from ‘names’ to the most important facts which can determine success.I have to keep remembering to re-read this book at regular intervals.



​The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

​Following Through​


​This book not only explains why that’s the case, but it provides scientifically proven ways that you can overcome these ‘natural’ tendencies.

Give and Take

Customer Service

​A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Go Givers Sell More

Prospecting and Sales

​You will learn the ‘real secrets ’to selling which involve ‘creating value’ and ‘positively touching the lives of others’. ​

Heart and Art of Netweaving Ebook


Building ​meaningful relationships once connection at ​a time

How to Be a Power Connector

Prospecting and Sales

​This book shows anyone who wants to rise to the top of their field, profession,or industry, how to do it by building relationships through connecting others.

How to Get Control of Your Time & Your Life


​This is Grandaddy of all the time-management books written back in the early 70’s and the originator of the ‘A’s, ‘B’s and ‘C’s priorities.​

Leading on the Creative Edge

Innovation & Creativity

​Absolutely it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. . . and one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. . . on creativity and innovation. . . which ties in so closely with what NetWeaving is all about.

Leading with Honor

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

​”Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton”

It will put YOUR bad day into the proper perspective.

Networking is Dead

Prospecting and Sales

​”Making Connections That Matter”

If you think the secret to success in your business is all about expandingyour network, think again, and you’ll want to read this book

Never Eat Alone

Prospecting and Sales

​A book which I identify with the importance of building trusted relationships. After having had a long conversation with Keith before he ever wrote his book,I’m flattered to think that some of my “NetWeaving” concept input went into this great book.



​As you are attempting help and mentor young protégées who have super-star potential, there are critically important lessons to be learned from this work.

Performing Under Pressure


​This fascinating book, backed up by extensive research, examines the various forms of stress and pressure to which we all are exposed in our ‘personal’ as well as our ‘professional’ lives.



​The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking


Prospecting and Sales

​Find out how focusing on them can transform you from being average or above-average in your selling skills to sales excellence.

Raising Your R&R Factor Ebook


​Your R&R Factor represents the degree to which you have developed a persona and habits, as well as methods and strategies (both intentional and unintentional), that make people WANT to recommend and refer you to others.


Customer Service

Taking simple truths and placing them in a corporate parable, REMARKABLE!provides the reader with both an enjoyable format and transformational insights.

Riding Elevators Backwards


​It’s all about how to build new trusted relationships both personal and business especially by re-connecting with some old relationships with whom you may have lost touch. It also touches upon mending some relationships that have faded or been injured over time –often due to some breach of trust

Selling to the C-Suite

Prospecting and Sales

​A deeply-researched book, it approaches the topic from what Executives want rather than clever sales tips on how to sell to Mr. or Mrs. C Big. It not only explores how to get in to see them, but what to say, once you’re there.

Selling with Noble Purpose

Prospecting and Sales

​Creating a team of ‘true believers’ not only results in passionate clients and customers, but it results in the strongest bottom-line as well.


Customer Service & Customer Experience

​Creating Awesome Experiences ThroughInnovative Service

Take Their Breath Away

Customer Service & Customer Experience

​This the best book ever written on how to maximize the ‘customer experience’

Talk to Strangers

Prospecting and Sales

​This book will help you understand why peripheral vision is so important.

The Challenger Sale

Prospecting and Sales

​​You ‘challenge’ your prospective clients. . .you disturb them make them uncomfortable with where they are, and you bring them new ideas and you find creative ways to add value. That’s what this book shows you how to do.

The Corporate Kid

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

​​The book made into a movie starring Michael J. Fox. Neil IS the ‘real-life’ ‘Doc Hollywood’ and is actually a Professor of Medicine at Emory University Medical School.

The Firefly Effect

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

​This great book will help you appreciate HOW to run a better meeting, or simply how to be a better participant and contributor, whichever side of the aisle you find yourself.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

​This classic not only explains why MOST teams –at all levels in business. . .and within GROUPS outside business. . . don’t work. But, more importantly, it helps explains what you need to do in order to make them be effective.

The Inspiration Factor


​​This book is one that will stir your emotions, and as we all know, ‘passion’ and ‘inspiration’ are what often are the contributing factors for success in any field.

The Little Black Book of Connections

Prospecting and Sales

​This is one of those books you can pick up and start anywhere in the book and gain some valuable insights.

The Opening Playbook

Prospecting and Sales

​Andrew cleverly utilizes sports analogies and playbooks to help drive key points home and show how any salesperson willing to study Andrew’s playbook, can make the All Star team.

The Pumpkin Plan

Prospecting and Sales

​The book teaches a proven system that will help you create the most magnetic business in your industry.

The Speed of Trust

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

​The One Thing that Changes Everything

The Ultimate Question 2.0

Customer Service and Customer Experience

​The author’s research has proven over the last decade that a single question on a customer satisfaction survey can not only be an accurate indicator of ‘growth’ for any company within any industry, but since the first discovery, a ‘Zero to 10 scale’


Innovation and Creativity

​​Will give you techniques for how to come up with new ideas and whether your prefer more traditional ‘linear’ techniques or ‘intuitive’ones

To Sell is Human

Prospecting and Sales

​Dan Pink was established himself as an ‘outside-the-box’ thinker who adeptly shares his “counter-intuitive insights” into human behavior.

United We Brand


​Gives away’  his  ‘step-by-step’  process  for a branding  exercise which  you  might pay hundreds  of thousands for.   It works!

You, Inc


​This book is loaded with some of the best tips for ways I’ve ever seen for personally ‘branding yourself’in memorable ways, but it also contains a treasure chest of successful sales tips.

Your Presentation is a Joke

Innovation and Creativity

​Provides “Everything You Need to Know About Adding Humor to Your Presentations to Maximize Your Impact”.

Flawless Consulting

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

“Our dependency on computers and technology has only intensified, and a decade into the millennium, we are at war, still addicted to fossil fuels, and concerned whether the economic system we have grown used to is still relevant.

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook​

Prospecting and Sales

Practical, to the point, and full of interactive, exercises, the book explains what really works and what doesn’t, to reduce the risks you face in trying to create something new.

The “Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude”

Leadership, Team-Building, and Company Culture

In sales, it might be expecting to hear a ‘yes’, even after you’ve heard several ‘no’s. It’s also about providing value in every aspect of your selling process.

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