Bob LIttell, Chief NetWeaver

Bob Littell is the creator of the word & concept of NetWeaving. As he is quick to point out, many successful people, in all fields & professions, upon learning about NetWeaving, react much in the same way: "I've been doing this my entire life — I just never had a word for it."

NetWeaving International teaches people the joys & benefits of NetWeaving. Our goal is to build a community who share the "give first in order to receive" philosophy.

NetWeaving has two mottos:

  1. Good things happen to those people who MAKE good things happen.
  2. When you open a door for someone else, you never know who you will meet as a result.


NetWeaving is not an attack on more self-centered networking: in business, you have to do both.  Ultimately — and often almost immediately — NetWeaving results far out-perform those from more traditional networking.

Three NetWeaving Skills

  1. People Connector:  Introducing and/or bringing persons together with their Needs, Problems, and Opportunities in mind.

  2. Information/Resource-Provider:  Offering your capabilities or others in your Trusted Resource Network - no strings attached - as a way to build meaningful relationships.

  3. Trusted Resource Network:  Establishing a wide and deep network made up of persons whom you have personally qualified to be exceptional at what they do, or someone who comes highly recommended from someone you completely trust.

NetWeaving Certification

The NetWeaving International website offers a complimentary NetWeaver Diplomat certification course that, upon completion, will not only enable you to expand your network of trusted relationships and gain referrals without even having ask for them, but it hopefully inspire you want to spread the good word to others.  NetWeaving Certification is now FREE with no additional requirements other than registering.

netweaver diplomat certification

NetWeaver Diplomat