Chief NetWeaver

Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver, is the creator of the word and concept of NetWeaving, but as he is quick to point out, many of the most successful people in all fields and in all professions, who upon learning what NetWeaving is all about, react much the same: “I’ve been doing this my entire life. I just never had a word for it.”

NetWeaving International is a site dedicated to teaching people the joys and benefits of "NetWeaving". Our goal is a build a community of NetWeavers who all share this same ‘give FIRST in order to receive’ philosophy.


NetWeaving is NOT an attack on more self-motivated networking.

In business you have to do both. But, in the long-run. . .and often almost immediately. . .the results from your NetWeaving efforts will far out-perform those from more traditional networking.

NetWeaving Ambassador Certification Program

Whether you are a consultant, a strategic or personal coach, a trainer, or anyone involved in business development, you can benefit from first attending an all-day “NetWeaving Ambassador” program.


Then following the program, you can decide if becoming certified to train this program yourself, or to use parts of it in conjunction with what you already consult, or speak, or train on, would be of value to you:

  • Expand Your Network
  • Create a New Revenue Sources
  • Build a Referral Sources

Three Skill Sets of NetWeaving

Skill Set # 1 - People Connector

Introducing and/or bringing persons together with their Needs, Problems, and Opportunities in mind.

Skill Set # 2 -  Information/Resource-Provider

Offering your capabilities or others in your Trusted Resource Network - no strings attached - as a way to build meaningful relationships.

Skill Set #3 - Trusted Resource Network

Establishing a wide and deep network made up persons whom you have personally qualified to be exceptional at what they do or someone who you trust and highly recommended.

What's Your NetWeaving Aptitude?

Take The NetWeaving Aptitude Assessment Quiz and See How You Score?