Whether it’s speaking at a 5,000 person convention of sales & marketing executives and reps, or a meeting of any size, made up of consultants, business or personal coaches, or trainers(independent or corporate), Bob and his NetWeaving message resonates.


And unlike many rah-rah motivational talks, Bob’s “NetWeaving” presentations provide ‘sticky’ skill sets and action steps which can be applied immediately.

This Golden Rule and Pay It Forward form of ‘networking’ also fits with groups of more technically-oriented individuals who tend to not view themselves as having a ‘sales personality’.

Learning how “NetWeaving” can help them become ‘rainmakers,’ in a way that fits their more analytical personality, creates an invaluable benefit for them as well as for their company.

Topics on which Bob speaks:

  • Netweaving – Building Your Business by Helping Others Build Theirs.
  • How Women Leaders Can Use Net Weaving to Accelerate Their Careers.
  • Raising Your R&R Factor – How Referable and Recommendable Are You?
  • NetWeaving to be Invited into C-Suites and Business Owner’s Private Office
  • NetWeaving for Non-Profits to Help High Profile Board Members Approach Friends.
  • NetWeaving for Job-Seekers – a proven model for landing jobs and maintaining a positive attitude during your search.”

Bob donates a considerable amount of his speaking engagements to Non-Profits and groups involved in ‘Education’ at the elementary, high school, college, and graduate levels.

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